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The Little Dolphin School -- Parents’ Checklist for Quality Child Care

Does the facility have an up-to-date license, if required by the state?

Does the center look clean and comfortable?

Does it have enough space so children can play safely?

Does it have adequate furniture and play equipment for all the children?

Does it have enough staff to provide adequate attention to the children?

Is the equipment clean, safe and in good repair?

Is the equipment age appropriate?

Are safety rules for fire, storage of dangerous substances and emergencies followed through?

Does the facility have adequate heat, light and ventilation?

Does it have smoke detectors, a fire-alarm system, sprinklers, protected heaters and/or alternate exits?

Are the meals and snacks nutritious, served on time and age appropriate?

Do children have an opportunity to have their physical, emotional and intellectual needs met by an understanding staff?

Do children have an opportunity to play alone or with friends, indoors and outdoors?

Do staff members have regular training opportunities so they can grow professionally?

Are there regular formal and informal communication channels between parents, children, staff and directors?

Take the time to stay and observe a program until you feel comfortable about the experience your child will have.

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