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Q: What are the qualifications and requirements of your teachers?

A: In order to apply for a lead teacher position at The Little Dolphin School, you must have a bachelor's degree in early childhood education or elementary education with a concentration in early childhood education. Some of our applicants have a master's degree in education or child psychology as well.


Q: Am I responsible for sending my child to school with lunch?

A: If your child is enrolled in a full day program, we provide lunch and two snacks with refreshments during the day.


Q: What is a typical day for a child at The Little Dolphin School?

A: Children who arrive at school before school hours are given breakfast. The first hour of school is spent at innovative learning centers with monthly themes. Children learn through art, games, writing and the use of manipulative (sensory) tables by feeling, pouring, smelling, etc. Teachers also spend individual time with each child. The hour culminates in clean-up time. Next, we participate in circle time. The teacher talks about the day, weather, and different themes/topics that are of interest. After wash up and potty time, we have snack time. Serving snack is fun as our theme is coordinated with our goodies! Indoor/outdoor exercise or drama in our movement education room or playground is next. Gross motor/large muscle skill and coordination is important for development. We follow this with wash-up time. Next, children gather in small groups for cooperative play, show and tell, etc. Which leads us into lunch time! Children are served lunch in their classrooms, with quiet/nap time to follow. In the afternoon, we participate in different learning center activities, art, pretend and dramatic play. We take trips to the water and sand room to show off our artistic talents in painting, sensory work and paper mache. We may work on the computers in the library, read and write stories, or visit The Little Dolphin garden! Or we may just get cozy in a nook or window seat and read a book quietly. After snack, we sing and dance to some of our favorite musical tunes. This will prepare us for our end of the year graduation ceremony, where we perform for our families and don our graduation caps! And before we know it, it is time to end our school day and go home. Back to top


Q: I have two children. Do you offer any discounts for the second child?

A: Yes, we offer a 10% sibling discount for the second child.


Q: Will my child feel intimidated at school?

A:Our child care center has been developed through the eyes of a young child. Complete with windows that are at a child's eye level, our school has been designed to provide a feeling of warmth and security to our children. Our staff is experienced, soothing and nurturing.


Q: What if my child gets sick during the school day?

A: Your child will be well cared for and monitored in our comfortable sick bay. Children are separated when they present with a fever of 101 degrees F or greater, or if they have repetitive vomiting and/or diarrhea. You will be notified and updated on your child's progress throughout the day.


Q: Will computers be available in the school for my child to learn on?

A: Yes, computers are inlcuded in the preschool, prekindergarten, and private kindergarten curriculum.


Q: Do you provide conferences with my child's teacher?

A: We have fall and spring parent-teacher conferences. However, we encourage all parents and teachers to keep in touch with each other throughout the year.


Q: Is the school closed for typical vacation days?

A: Our school is only closed on traditional holidays, as we abide by the corporate calendar and not the public school calendar. A school calendar is provided with your parent manual at orientation night.

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