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Our state certified, full-day kindergarten is limited to only 10 children in each class, and is taught by a state of Maine teacher certified for K through 3.

Featuring the best and latest techniques in literacy and language skills, our program is considered one of the best anywhere on the planet! The classrooms look like second or third grade rooms according to the many educators who send their children here: math and science centers, dioramas of the solar system produced and created by the students, the food pyramid and posters on healthy eating and exercise habits, a separate playground from the 3 and 4 year-olds, and the closeness of being a part of a family of 10 inquisitive, bright children!

The Little Dolphin School’s private kindergarten spans the academic hours of 9am to 3pm, with before and after care provided in their own classroom. With their peers, they will be busy all day on baking projects, all kinds of guest teachers on various subjects, visits from the ASPCA, Ricettas and Portland Pie (don’t you want them to make us pizzas?!), the Fire and Police department, and continued parent involvement for socials, birthday parties, guest speaking engagement during professions month, parent teacher conferences twice a year, and the list goes on and on.

Our kindergarten graduates are always held in high regard by the public school system, and are easily picked out of the crowd, testing several academic levels above their peer age group in reading, writing and arithmetic.

But in the end, our kindergarten is fun! We feel that this will be their last year in a small, intimate and loving environment, free from all the legal and sterile constrictions placed upon them by the school systems.

Our kindergarten kids are lavished with the love and attention they are accustomed to receiving here at our school. Come in and tour the school, look at the children’s academic journals, and see their art portfolios. The program is truly impressive, and the culmination of the previous years of early education at Little Dolphin!

Dr. Brier, our executive director, teaching spinal anatomy and body mechanics to
our kindergarten class during professions week.
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